AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Police officers are starting to test positive for COVID-19 at an “alarming” rate, according to a Facebook post from the Austin Police Association on Saturday.

The post said members of the association find it “very concerning.”

An Austin Police public information officer told KXAN on Tuesday that they have had six sworn and two non-sworn officers test positive for COVID-19. In April, it was reported that one officer had tested positive for the virus.

The post from the association went on to say that officers had been working the protests with “people yelling and screaming in their faces.”

The full post said:

We find it very concerning that we are starting to have officers test positive with Covid -19 at an alarming rate. What do most of them have in common? They’ve been working the protest/riots with people yelling, screaming and spitting in their faces. It’s time for our elected officials to call this behavior out. Why does our Mayor preach Covid safety for the community, but he ignores the protesters putting his employees and their families at risk?

Austin Police Association Facebook

Austin-Travis County’s top doctor made several warnings about what could come if COVID-19 cases continued to spike like they have in the past several weeks, including the possibility of exceeding hospital capacity.

When asked what case surges in Travis County could be attributed to last Sunday, city officials said: “Texas entered a progressive process of reopening since the beginning of May. This, along with events like Memorial Day and other large gatherings has led to increased personal interactions which is the primary way that this disease is spread.”