DALLAS (KXAN) — A North Texas woman launched a crowdsourcing site to make it easier for Texans to know where to go to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Carri Craver launched the interactive website, COVID19vaccineTX.com, after her 69-year-old father — like thousands of other Texans — was not able to find an available vaccine.

“I knew there was a better way, and there’s good technology tools today,” Craver said. “And I thought, well I can build this.”

She started listing providers in the Dallas area, but that has expanded to the Austin area as well.

“I threw together three or four forms, and organized the data… Now it’s really up to the citizens of Texas to tell me, ‘Hey this location I want to know about, and I was able to go here and get an appointment,'” Craver said.

Since its launch date on Sunday, Craver said she already has more than 3,000 people who want to be notified about updates.

On the site, you can report your experience or sign up to be notified when a place in your area has doses of the vaccine or is taking appointments.

“I read what [users submitting forms on the website] wrote,” Craver said. “And a lot of it is multiple choice answers.”

The Texas Department of State Health Services does have information about COVID-19 vaccination providers on its site. However, it does not include details about which phases clinics are in, as far as who they’re vaccinating, when they run out of doses or have to restock or whether appointments are required.

“Yes, we’re on the Texas Health Services website… it doesn’t say whether or not we used [all of our doses],” John Anderson, owner of Wimberley Pharmacy said. “With that said, I’m getting calls from all over the state.”

Anderson said Craver’s site could take the strain off his place.

“Yeah, that’d be good for the general public,” he said. 

He just doesn’t want there to be a mad rush if it’s more widely publicized. Craver said this is just her way of creating a space for Texans to help other Texans.

“I really feel a responsibility to be able to notify as many people as much accurate information as possible,” Craver said.

Craver is paying out of pocket to keep the sight afloat and said she does plan on updating it regularly throughout the day.

Her goal is for us all to look out for each other, making the process better for everyone.