AUSTIN (KXAN) — Everyone is doing what they can to help fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic by practicing social distancing and staying at home. However, this action meant to save lives can have unintended consequences for an already struggling part of the community.

Isolation is an attribute of someone in active addiction, and with shelter-in-place orders, it may go unnoticed. Health experts say they have seen an increase of people reaching out for help, especially for alcohol abuse.

“There’s also an environmental factor meaning stress meaning trauma. This pandemic is a prolonged longstanding traumatic experience for all of us there is fear there is uncertainty and there is a social isolation component,” said Alana Smith, owner of Central Texas Therapy.

Experts say isolation during this pandemic can be hard for people trying to distract themselves from alcohol.

Some things Smith suggests are reaching out for community support, keeping to a daily schedule and reconnecting with loved ones.