(KXAN) — You could soon get a free N95 face mask from your local pharmacy.

The Biden administration is sending out the 400 million nonsurgical N95 masks.

“These masks may look simple but they are actually sophisticated safety devices,” said Dr. Mikki Vars McCullough with 3M.

The Centers for Disease Control said in lab studies, the N95 masks can filter 95 percent of particles in the air including COVID-19.

“Experts say that the N95 is going to provide the best protection because they do fit tightly to your face and they are approved so you know you have that filter in there,” said Dr. McCullough.

 A recent study centered on what the CDC described as “real-world effectiveness of respirators use indoors shows the N95 mask can lower odds of testing positive by 83 percent,” compared to cloth masks.

Dr. McCullough said the respirators work better because “any air you breath out if you cough or sneeze it’s filtered as it goes out. What you breath in is going through the filter so you have filtered air going through nose, mouth and lungs.”

Check with your local pharmacy to find out if it’s received the mask shipment. Up to three N95 masks will be available per person.