HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — During an interview with Nexstar sister station CBS 4, Gov. Greg Abbott addressed the impact that Hurricane Hanna could have on COVID-19 cases and Texas’ ongoing response to the number of positive cases in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Abbott says the state will be providing all resources needed in the Rio Grande Valley such as food, beds, shelter or PPE.

Abbott mentioned RGV residents need to understand they should limit gathering in large groups even during the natural disaster.

“It’s so incredibly important, that everyone in the Rio Grande Valley understands that just because this hurricane and flooding has come, it doesn’t mean that COVID has left.”

Abbott says as Valley residents go on with the recovery process to not forget their masks and continue social distancing.

Abbott says he is very concerned an additional spread of COVID-19 will happen in the Rio Grande Valley.

“There are so many cases of COVID in the Rio Grande Valley simply from large gatherings of family members,” Abbott said.

Two different emergency orders in place

Abbott says there are now two orders in place, one related to COVID-19 and one related to the disaster.

“All local officials in the Rio Grande Valley area have their hurricane response or disaster executive response powers, and that includes a different way of being able to shut things down,” Abbott said.

The governor added the state will continue to support the Rio Grande Valley as it continues to tackle COVID-19 and now the remnants of Hurricane Hanna.