AUSTIN (KXAN) — Texas has reached a milestone in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. At least 10,000 Texans have been diagnosed with COVID-19 while more than 200 people have died across the state.

Gov. Abbott joins KXAN Thursday to discuss how the efforts taken by the state are working to slow the spread of the virus. Abbott will also lay out the steps needed to continue to protect Texans during the pandemic.

During the interview, Abbott said last week state officials completed an assessment of hospital beds available in Texas, with a specific focus on rural areas. He said that these rural communities have a sufficient number of hospital beds and ventilators in case they would be needed.

“If we continue on the trajectory we are right now to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in Texas, most of those hospital rooms will not be needed,” Abbott explained.

During his Wednesday press conference, Abbott announced that Walgreens in Texas will soon be able to provide drive-thru testing for COVID-19. The pharmacies will be utilizing the Abbott Labs 15-minute response test kits and will potentially be able to perform about 3,000 tests per day.

Abbott said at some point either Wednesday or Thursday Texas will pass the 100,000 mark of people tested for the coronavirus. He said 9,107 Texans have tested positive, 1,491 are hospitalized and 175 have died. Abbott also made it clear that if not for social distancing those numbers would be much higher.

A consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an increase in unemployment in Texas. Abbott said that the Texas Workforce Commission reported a record-setting spike ever in calls to its benefits claims line. This spike happened on March 26, with about 1.7 million calls received in one day. The average number of calls in a day for TWC is 120,000.

Abbott also went into detail about the large focus on the supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are very proud about the success the Supply Chain Strike Force has been able to achieve, and the stats are amazing.” Abbott said this week the team assembled and distributed around 5 million masks across the state. Additionally, he said 21,066 beds, 2,225 ICU beds and 7,686 ventilators available in Texas hospitals.