AUSTIN (KXAN) — Baylor Scott & White has opened a drive-up coronavirus test clinic in north Austin.

A hospital spokeswoman said the location at 2608 Brockton Dr., which is just east of Mopac near The Domain, opened Friday.

But not anyone can just show up.

Patients must first fill out an online questionnaire, and medical staff will look that over and refer the potential person on the best course to take. It could mean receiving a referral to the actual drive-up clinic, or recommendations on hygiene and social distancing. It could also mean an electronic visit with a provider.

KXAN heard from several potential coronavirus patients saying up until now, they were unable to get access to a testing kit.

“It seemed like everyone was trying to do the best with the information they had, but there was clearly a lot of miscommunication happening,” said an anonymous source. “We spent the rest of Thursday and all day Friday contacting various urgent care clinics locally.”

The above patient says she traveled from Germany a week ago. It wasn’t until Wednesday that she started getting sick. It took her 3 full days to find a place that would test her.

“It wasn’t even clear exactly which of the steps we followed were the ones that led to the test,” said an anonymous source. “The whole experience has been really eye-opening for me. I hope it is for others too, just because you know, obviously my husband and I both have so many privileges that really allowed us to keep pushing, others don’t.”

If a patient is directed to go to the location after consulting with someone on their medical team, the person is directed to drive up and a nurse will come out to administer the test.

A statement from the spokeswoman described the process like this:

Specimen collection involves a nasal swab obtained by one of our medical team members, who will be wearing personal protective equipment in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and recommendations. After the specimen collection and consultation with our medical team, each patient is advised on appropriate next steps, which include isolating at home while awaiting test results.

The online screening questionnaire is available 24/7 on the MyBSWHealth app and online here. You must first make an account.

Positive test results are reported to state and local health departments and the patient will be contacted as soon as the results are made available.