AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Lighthouse for the Blind‘s workers have come a long way since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. They’re set to ship their three millionth bottle of GOJO’s PURELL®.

That’s a lot of hand sanitizer, and it’s a certain cause to celebrate.

(KXAN Photo/Todd Bailey)

“We may not be on the frontlines like the healthcare workers and other people, but what we do here helps them,” Austin Lighthouse CEO Jim Meehan said. “We take incredible amount of pride in being able to deliver the product that we deliver.”

Austin Lighthouse pivoted in April to help the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Along with that, the non-profit organization increased its shipping lines production, tripled employee counts, hired more temporary workers, and invested in more facility equipment.

But Tuesday is all about the staff, and the amount of hand sanitizer they have shipped. One of the workers, Terry Hall, expressed his feelings about helping frontline workers. He talked to the media with help from a sign language translator.

“COVID-19, the impact of it. I feel that we need to act on it, around the world become a community. Help together as a partnership,” Hall said. “The consumers need their support so it just feels very good, wonderful. Knowing each consumer is getting what they need, that’s the most important thing.”

Other companies were a part of the celebration too. Texas fast-food chain Whataburger donated more than 300 meals to the employees, and an Austin-based Queen tribute band performed, “We Are The Champions.”

Texas Workforce Commission representative Michael Hooks also attended the celebration at the Austin Lighthouse facility. He is the director of the office of disability employment strategies for the TWC. He read a statement to the workers in the video below: