AUSTIN (KXAN) — Approximately a fifth of Central Texans will stop wearing their face masks on Wednesday, according to results of a KXAN Facebook poll. A majority of those responding say they plan to keep wearing their masks for a long time.

On Friday, KXAN asked, “When will you stop wearing a mask?” As of Monday morning, nearly 2,500 of you have weighed in on Facebook or Instagram to answer the question or debate the topic.

Out of the first 975 responses, just shy of one in five (19.5%) said they will stop wearing their masks “as soon as it’s allowed.” That will be Wednesday in Texas.

“A. Though I will wear it if in a place where it’s required, but also will try to avoid those places and shop elsewhere. (Pamela Zordani Cosel)

About that same number — 21.8% — say they will only stop wearing their masks when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention comes out with new guidelines saying it’s OK to stop wearing them.

“When the CDC says it’s safe,” KXAN viewer Marina Rodriguez Galvan added. “I just got the first dose of my vaccine but I will definitely still wear a mask after I get the 2nd.”

But a majority of those we asked — 54.9% — say they won’t stop wearing a mask for a long time. Many said that would also include listening to the CDC’s recommendations and getting vaccinated themselves.

“I’ll listen to the CDC and use my own judgment. Might continue to wear one during flu season even after all this is done,” KXAN viewer Elizabeth Hightower wrote.

“This is the first year in a very long time that I didn’t suffer a cold or flu!” KXAN viewer Corrine Iverson Howlett added.

Many say part of the reason for wearing a mask will be optics. Even when they know they’re fully vaccinated, others won’t, and it could make them afraid.

“I am vaccinated and still wear a mask,” KXAN viewer Rachel Sid explained. “Not only because no vaccine is 100% effective, but other people don’t know I’m fully vaccinated. It’s easy to wear a mask in order to put other people at ease. Plus, wearing masks has seriously helped my asthma!”

It’s important to note that KXAN’s Facebook poll is not scientific. We tabulated the results for 975 people who commented on the main question on both Facebook and Instagram. Many people continued to weigh in after that.