AUSTIN (KXAN) — The camping ban was reinstated in 2021, but how have efforts been going to get people off the streets and into a shelter?

Wednesday evening, the City of Austin Parks and Recreation director and homeless strategy officer will share an overview and update on the city’s plans moving forward.

The event, Presented by Barton Springs Conservancy, Pease Park Conservancy, Waterloo Greenway, The Trail Foundation, and Shoal Creek Conservancy, will run from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Zilker Botanical Gardens.

Last week KXAN reached out to the Austin Homeless Strategy Division to find out how things are going. A City of Austin Homeless Strategy Division representative told us that despite the significant number of Austinites housed last year, the population of people experiencing homelessness in the Austin area has not declined since voters in 2021 reinstated the camping ban.

A program called the Housing-focused Encampment Assistance Link or HEAL is making progress, but the city requires more resources and housing units to address every encampment in Austin.

According to Echo’s homelessness response dashboard, which tracks how many people are experiencing homelessness, from Feb. to May, unsheltered homeless numbers have only increased. Current numbers show 2,568 people experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

“We Can Now,” a local nonprofit that connects people with resources and works to get them off the streets, said more could be done to end homelessness in Austin, but it requires every community to come together.

“So, understand that there are people here that are doing all that they can to end homelessness for everybody,” said Antony Jackson in “We Can Now.” “So instead of complaining and adding more hardship to the situation, ask yourself, how can you help? And how can you lend a helping hand to end homelessness.”

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