KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — The City of Kyle says it’s exploring options after a malfunction during the city’s Fourth of July fireworks show.

City officials say the display caused a few small grass fires about 10 minutes into the show. The fires were quickly extinguished by the Kyle Fire Department.

The city says the show is insured and they’re looking at possibly redoing the show, or adding more fireworks to the display during the Pie in the Sky hot air balloon festival Labor Day weekend.

No one was injured in the mishap, and the city says there was no property damage aside from burnt grass.

Marshall Wagers and his friend Gabriel were flirting with the line separating the firework drop zone when he was sending a video to his friend on the mobile app, Snapchat. That’s when the malfunction happened. A firework explosion came within feet of the two teenagers.

“Oh my god,” you can hear on the video, posted on twitter.

“We needed to get behind something and make sure we don’t get hit by fireworks, have them land near us, or catch on fire,” Wagers said. “They were bigger than we expected too. That they were little three inch tubes or something.”

Kyle’s Parks Director tells KXAN the two teenagers should not have been so close to the fireworks launch pad and moments like this are a reminder of why safety precautions are important.

“There was a little one firework that fell out and was just a single one. And then I’m guessing that kind of rattled everything. One shot off and fell over and everything kind of just blew up and went off,” said Wagers.

They say they didn’t know they weren’t supposed to be there; they sat there last year after all. The day after they returned to find what exploded feet away from them.

“They were bigger than we expected too. That they were little three inch tubes or something,” said Wagers.

City leaders say they will decide whether to ask for a refund from the vendor after this malfunction.

Kyle’s Parks, Recreation, and Facilities Department contracts with PyroShows of Texas for $30,000. Council now weighs the next step. KXAN reached out to PyroShows of Texas and have not yet heard back.

Kerry Urbanowicz, Director of Parks, Recreation & Facilities says, “they went up but they didn’t go up very high. They all went off at once and they should not have.”

Urbanowicz is thankful nobody was hurt but says the two teenagers should not have been that close. This incident is a reminder of why.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen. First instinct was everybody ok? Then to keep everybody who wanted to come down and take a look, to keep them back,” said Urbanowicz.

The city of Kyle has used the Plum Creek Golf Course for the past nine years.
Urbanowicz says the city has contracted with PyroShows of Texas for six years and this is the first malfunction they’ve had with the company.