AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo is standing by the comments he made Thursday at a state Senate hearing. Acevedo spoke against a Senate bill that would let people carry guns on college campuses.

“Now we’re going to create an environment where people are lawfully allowed to carry firearms on campus,” he said. “We’re potentially turning sexual assault victims – who we have a lot of resources to help these young people…through our victims services and so forth – into potentially murder victims.”

Those comments led some gun rights advocates to attack the chief online, saying he was against crime victims being able to defend themselves.

One group posted a meme which read: “Chief Acevedo says: raped on campus – get counseling and get over it.”

Among those who shared the image was the Thrall Police Department’s official Facebook account.

Acevedo tweeted Friday that he was proud to testify and went on to say, “Please do not let others twist my words.”

That bill now heads to the full senate.