AUSTIN (KXAN) — A canceled wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic: It’s a situation many have found themselves in across the country over the last few months.

But a group of Austin vendors wanted to change that reality for at least one couple by throwing a wedding giveaway contest.

The winners turned out to be two local musicians.

“Hi guys, my name is Bethany. And my name is Blake.”

That’s how Bethany and Blake Jurasin’s journey down the aisle began– with a video entry to a contest.

“When he came to Austin I hired him pretty immediately to be my guitar player and that’s how we met and that’s how we fell in love. So we thought it would be really fun and special to put our musical talents into our submission,” Bethany says.

Abbie Hillis owns ACH Events, one of nearly two dozen vendors that pitched in to help turn one couple’s canceled ceremony into a pandemic-style party.

Nearly two dozen vendors donated their services for the wedding. (Courtesy: ACH Events)

“We had our own meetings and we kind of just said, ‘Hey guys, it’s going to be taken care of. You just show up on the wedding day with a dress and a suit,'” Hillis says.

Despite suffering major financial losses themselves because of COVID-19, Hillis says she and the other vendors just wanted to bring the smiles back to their wedding industry.

“Host a wedding that would just kind of give back and bring some positivity not only into the vendors’ lives but into a couple who had been affected,” she says.

Twenty guests, all masked up, were able to see the most important smiles of the night.

“There was so much more that was planned for this and then so much more happened that we can’t really do much about but everybody who came together and made it such a beautiful experience was really beautiful just to be here and see,” says Spencer Carlson, a member of the bride’s band, the Bethany Becker Band.

“The pandemic didn’t crash our wedding. Love wasn’t canceled,” Bethany says.