Central Texas man unearths snowball he froze during last year's storm

ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — One year ago Friday, Central Texans woke up to dazzlingly bright snow on the ground. One of them decided he would make a keepsake out of it.

Dante Neal grabbed up a handful from his Teravista neighborhood in Round Rock and packed it into a ball, sealed it in a sandwich bag and then placed it deep into his freezer.

A year later, he still has the souvenir.

"I named it snowball," he joked.

When asked what he planned to do with it from here on out, he had a couple of ideas.

"Probably just keep it in the freezer and set a reminder for next year. See how long it can (last)," he told KXAN. "Or put it up for sale lol."

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