AUSTIN (KXAN) — Emergency managers in Central Texas say they’re watching for severe thunderstorms this weekend that could bring hail, heavy winds, and potential floods.

Officials in the Hill Country early Saturday afternoon said things were calm but storm watchers were on standby in case the National Weather Service issued a tornado watch for the area.

Marsha Hardy, emergency management coordinator for San Saba County, said she consulted the San Saba Sheriff’s Office ahead of the severe weather’s arrival to notify an outdoor event planned Saturday night.

“We did have a carnival set up in the park. We’re assuming that they probably are staying up with the weather. Just in case we just want to make sure that they’re aware of it,” Hardy said.

KXAN’s First Warning Weather team predicted that storms possible in the Hill Country could reach Austin’s metro area.

Brandon Kimble lives in downtown Austin and says he tries to follow storm basics like staying inside, but does not have an emergency preparedness plan.

“If it’s really bad I might take some precautions with the window because we do have really big windows in these apartments. I’m not too scared though,” Kimble said. reached out to City of Austin emergency leaders for their tips on severe weather preparedness.

Advice on the city’s website suggested locals put together a bag of emergency supplies, charge their cell phones, and seek shelter in an interior room on the lowest level of their home.

A step also listed in the city’s emergency-preparedness recommendations is to enroll in localized alerts sent to cell phones. Find a link to sign up here.