DRIPPING (KXAN) — A new wedding venue being constructed by Mark Black, one of the biggest names in Texas barbeque, was issued a stop-work order Friday.

Back in January of 2018 Black purchased 64 acres off Crystal Hills Drive in Dripping Springs for his new wedding venue to be known as “Black Ranch.”

According to the notice, Black violated city ordinances by constructing on land within the city limits without a proper permit or exemption.

Black is being ordered to present a completed site development permit along with payment for all associated fees. If he does not comply he could face criminal charges or a civil lawsuit.

Black and his family received immediate push back on the project from Hays County residents who claimed the wedding venue would clash with the neighboorhood’s aesthetics, in addition to disrupting wildlife.

In May 2019, neighbors to the construction site noticed run-off had flowed into a nearby creek.

Black said the run-off was an unfortunate consequence of recent rain that flooded the development. He admitted some sediment barriers broke down but claimed are no chemicals on-site were dumped.