SAN BERNARDINO, Ca. (WFLA) – Surveillance video shows an 8-year-old girl being attacked by a pit bull in Southern California.

Gabby Jones was walking to school when the terrifying attack by a neighborhood dog happened, according to KTLA.

Video from a neighbor’s home shows Gabby on the sidewalk. A dog can be seen running towards her, grabbing the girls arm, pulling her to the ground and biting the girls face.

“I thought that my life was going to end right there,” Gabby said. “It bit me on my leg and then went up to my ear. That’s when that guy came and started hitting him and kicking the dog,” she said.

Two alert neighbors came running to the girls aid.

As for the owner of the dog, he has apologized to Gabby and her family. According to WNBC, the owner had the dog euthanized.