Catapult discovered along border hurling marijuana into U.S.

Catapult discovered along Arizona -- Mexico border_420215

DOUGLAS, AZ (KXAN) — The Border Patrol stopped a smuggling operation getting attention for it’s brazen engineering design.

Agents found a catapult on the Mexico side of the fence near Douglas, Arizona. Officials explain it was being used to hurl bundles of marijuana into the U.S.

American agents dismantled the catapult and Mexican authorities seized it in a joint operation. Investigators are working to determine who set up the catapult.

In Texas, law enforcement officers tell KXAN they’ve seen little to no change in the supply of drugs here at home, despite the efforts being poured into the border region. And officials in border counties tell KXAN the result isn’t worth the cost.

Analysis of the Department of Public Safety arrests in border regions showed that of the more than 32,000 arrests made since June 2014, only six percent of the arrests were for felony drug possession.

“The drug dealers are not dumb, alright. So they’ll go around and find other areas where there’s not so much concentration of DPS in one place. Because that’s what they’ve been doing,” said Martha Sanchez of LUPE, a community union that works with low-income communities.

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