ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (KOB) — One New Mexico family did what many people do when they lost a beloved pet. They put up signs and went out looking on their own until they got the call they had been waiting for.

Someone found their lost kitten, but getting it back wasn’t so simple. The owner of the cat, an 11-year-old girl, put up the signs. There was no reward listed, but the people who called demanded one.

“I just don’t feel like it was fair,” the girl’s mother said. “I don’t feel like an adult should do that to a child.”

The fliers were met with a text message response that in part read: “I had to buy her kitty food and medicine. In order for me to release the kitty, I will need a payment of $50 at the least. $50 or I can just keep the cat.”

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