LIVERMORE, Calif. (KRON) — A California woman is suing a fertility doctor, accusing him of using his own sperm to impregnate her twice.

“All of our memories and all of our memories we have yet to make are forever tainted,” Katherine Richards said. 

Richards’ daughter, Julie Druyor, recently took a DNA test and was confused by some of the results. She later found out that her mother’s doctor from 40 years ago is her biological father.

Back in the 70s, Richards turned to a fertility doctor when she and her husband were unable to get pregnant.

She claims in a federal civil lawsuit filed this week that Dr. Michael Kiken, who once practiced in Alamo, California, used his own sperm without her consent or knowledge to get her pregnant with both her son and her daughter.

“I’m a product of my mother’s abuser,” Druyor said. “I don’t know if I will ever come to terms with that.”

Richards’ attorney says the doctor also used his sperm to impregnate other women in the area despite telling them that he was using donor sperm.

“It seems that Dr. Kiken did this on a serial basis, that we know of, at least three instances of Dr. Kiken using his own sperm against his clients’ expectations and interests and what he promised himself,” attorney Adam Wolf said. 

Calling it “medical rape,” Wolf said the family found out that Kiken was the biological father through a DNA test and genealogist.

Druyor took the test to find out more about her family’s medical history.

“My mom never consented to her doctor secretly using his own sperm to violate her,” Druyor said. 

Kiken has not practiced in California since 1998, but Wolf says Kiken currently has a license to practice in Virginia.

“How could someone do this in good conscience? How could they dare abuse the trust we place in him?” Richards asked.