AUSTIN (KXAN/ABJ) — If the tall towers and soccer stadium don’t catch your eye, maybe it’s the restaurants, shops or soaring home prices in north Austin. The area is rapidly changing, in many ways becoming a second, if not smaller, downtown Austin.

Several changes are coming to north Austin, including the creation of Apple and its new campus. More than 5,000 jobs are expected to come to the campus, Austin Business Journal reporter Colin Pope told KXAN.

As more growth comes to the area, so will other businesses.

“We’re in the center of what Amazon is calling its Austin tech hub. So, as we know, Amazon has almost 10,000 workers across the region, bringing us our packages from big warehouses. Up here in the Domain, these are white-collar jobs. So these are people who work on things like Amazon web services, and high-paying jobs, tech jobs is what we’re talking about here,” said Pope.

With more businesses eyeing north Austin, home prices continue to soar.

“If you’re on a budget, you’ve got to look toward the east side, northeast side, but right there on the northeast side by I-35 home prices are still averaging about $475,000. On the northwest side of town, home prices are averaging about $875,000, there’s not a lot of new homes being built in north Austin, so that’s rising the rates up even further. So, what developers are doing now is building high-rise housing in north Austin,” said Pope.

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