AUSTIN (KXAN) — Trying to go green in the modern world can be difficult. YELP, the business reviewing company, wants to help. They recently unveiled a new feature that will allow eco-friendly customers to shop and eat at businesses that are taking action to save the planet.

Amanda Dugan spoke with team members at YELP about the new feature. You can watch that interview above or read the transcript below.

AMANDA DUGAN, KXAN: Well, in honor of Earth Day, Yelp will be releasing new business attributes that make it easier to find and support eco-friendly businesses. So I’m joined now by Yelp Community Manager, Tomas Rey. Hey, Tomas, thank you for joining me.

TOMAS REY, YELP: Thank you so much for having me. So ahead of Earth Day, Yelp actually launched these new eco-friendly business attributes to help people easily discover, connect with and support local businesses that have adopted sustainable business practices.

There’s now this way on Yelp to discover these new eco-friendly attributes that are not only on the business pages, but you can actually find them when you’re searching. They are sourced from both consumers and business owners.

DUGAN: Why is something like this important for users?

REY: I mean, Mother Nature, we all want to do our part to give back. And it’s important now more than ever, that we can now see businesses that are prioritizing sustainability to help reduce their environmental footprint.

We’re excited that we can now bring that opportunity for users to find and celebrate businesses who are committed to supporting the environment and just mother nature in general.

DUGAN: Tell us what are some examples of sustainability attributes that users might be searching for?

REY: So I have a lot of friends that have electric vehicles or they have hybrid. So one of the ones that I’m really excited for is that you can now discover electric vehicle charging stations on Yelp, just so that you can maybe go support a local business while you’re charging your car.

A few other ones that you can now discover on Yelp is plastic free packaging. Do they provide reusable tableware? Can you bring in your own container or compostable containers available?

DUGAN: Tell us why Yelp is now adding these features to their website.

REY: We realized that Yelp users have repeatedly been asking for this and we’re in a unique position that we can now give them that information. And you know, it’s a really fun and unique way to encourage environmentally conscious habits among consumers and restaurant owners.