AUSTIN (KXAN/Austin Business Journal) — With plans to lease more office space at The Domain and add 2,000 more jobs in the Austin area, Amazon’s latest announcement points to more growth in Austin’s “second downtown.”

The bustling area in north Austin is already home to hundreds of other Amazon employees in two office towers.

“They’ve got a huge presence up at the Domain already,” said Paul Thompson, Assistant Managing Editor of the Austin Business Journal.

Their latest announcement reveals plans for another 330,000 square feet, in an office currently being developed by Cousins Properties.

“So they are hoping to move into this new building in 2024,” he said. “It is currently under construction.”

There’s no indication whether the jobs will be full-time, as opposed to part-time or contract — which Thompson said was a “fair question,” given another recent announcement about the company hiring for 3,000 seasonal jobs in the Austin area.

“The kind of roles we are looking at is operations technology, retail from a business side, and Amazon Web Services. So these are kind of your more white collar-type jobs. You’d expect to a see a higher salary, perhaps,” he said. “Positions that should be attractive to a lot of people. Now, that means you might get folks coming from California and elsewhere. I don’t think you can say with any degree of certainty there are going to be local Austinites taking those roles but they are certainly going to be competitive.”

Thompson noted that Amazon might soon be creeping up into the ranks of the largest employers in Austin, which include H-E-B, Ascension Seton, Walmart, and Dell Technologies.

The announcement also points to the massive growth happening in this part of north Austin.

“Even as you have all these other areas popping up around and really expanding exponentially, you have more housing units going up in the Domain than anywhere else,” Thompson said, pointing to a report on which census tracts saw the most people moving to different areas added over the last decade.

This month, KXAN reported on recent construction at another development, across Burnet Road from The Domain, called “Uptown ATX.” The project, developed by Brandywine Realty Trust, will feature 7 million square feet of office, residential, retail and hospitality spaces. The Austin Business Journal calls it “one of the biggest redevelopment projects in Austin’s history.”