BUDA, Texas (KXAN) — A Buda man who contracted an infection from a flesh-eating bacteria earlier this month is expected make a complete recovery.

After a fishing trip to Port Aransas with his family a few weeks ago, Adrian Ruiz came home and discovered a rash developing on his leg. In a matter of days, Ruiz’ rash became much worse. Doctors diagnosed him with Virbio Vulnificus, a bacteria that lurks in warm waters.

While doctors were worried the infection could lead to his foot being amputated, Ruiz’ wife says things are improving for her husband and doctors believe his foot will be saved. Lashelle Ruiz says doctors removed all the skin from her husband’s leg over the weekend. If all goes well, he could be released on the Fourth of July.

The area where Ruiz potentially caught Virbio is possibly linked to another case of flesh-eating bacteria this month. Houston’s KTRK reports a Lake Jackson man is in critical condition after his family says he contracted a flesh-eating bacteria while fishing at Aransas Pass last week.

According to KTRK, Vince Chappell, 53, was walking in the ocean when he cut his foot on something. Within 24 hours the infection grew. “It spread from the back of his leg to the front of his leg, and you could sit there just watching it spreading,” said Vince’s wife Janie to KTRK.

The flesh-eating Virbio bacteria is more common during the summer months and is only transmitted through uncooked shellfish or while swimming at the ocean with an open cut or wound.