HUTTO, Texas (KXAN) – Through Feb. 19, Williamson County residents can dump their brush for a reduced fee at its landfill in Hutto.

There is a $10 fee for every pickup truckload of limbs and clean brush dropped off at 600 Landfill Way, the county shared online this week.

This discount is only for non-commercial vehicles and does not apply to trailers, which are charged by weight.

Williamson County Commissioner for Precinct 4 Russ Boles said his office has received lots of calls about the landfill’s disposal fees.

He said nothing has changed in terms of the county’s usual fees. Currently, trucks and trailers charged by weight are done so at $9 a cubic yard – that being about $47 per ton.

This temporary $10 drop off fee is for residents who are finding they only have a small amount of brush to clean up, not a trailer or commercial vehicle full.

“They’re the same this month as they were last month and the month before,” Boles said.

He says any changes in disposal fees people are hearing about are likely misinformation from independent cleanup contractors – trying to pass off overpriced services.

Despite rain Wednesday, residents stopped by the landfill to dispose of tree limbs broken during last week’s ice storm.

John Green of Hutto trekked through the thick, white mud at the brush disposal site – tossing branches and limbs from the bed of his truck onto the big pile already there standing more than 10 feet high.

This was just his first load of damage from the ice storm. He has another stop planned later this week to pick up and dump branches and limbs from an elderly neighbor’s property.

Green said he doesn’t mind coming to the landfill himself but said pickup by a county or city crew would make getting rid of limbs more convenient for residents dealing with branch removal for the first time.

Residents online have shared that very concern in comments under social media posts from the county.

In response, the county said the Austin Disaster Relief Network was helping coordinate branch pickup for people with financial or physical limitations.

“I think it comes down to resources. A lot of people that live in residential areas don’t really have vehicles to do that. They don’t have trailers or a trailer hitch. It’s also really muddy out here so if you’re in even an SUV you may get stuck,” Green said.

For the full list of what can be dumped at the Williamson County Landfill visit this link.