LA MARQUE, Texas (NBC News) — Police body cam footage shows the moments after an SUV crashed into a train near Houston on Friday.

The crash was reported at about 2:50 a.m. in La Marque just south of Houston.

Police said the driver of a Dodge Durango smashed through a barricade and hit a train.

They say it appeared the driver never hit the brakes.

Two people were inside the SUV.

“I know, I know, buddy. Hold on. We’ve got medics coming,” said the officer to the people inside.

Then the unexpected happened. The train appears to start moving.

Both were flown to hospitals. The driver is in serious condition, but both passengers had non-life threatening injuries according to police.

“Tell them to stop!  Stop the train!  35, call the railroad company.  Tell them to stop moving.  They’re dragging this car with people inside,” said an officer.

Police were able to contact other crews via radio, and were able to get the conductor’s attention and stop the train.

The two people in the car were then treated by medics and flown to a nearby hospital.

Authorities say the driver is in serious condition and the passenger has non-life threatening injuries.

Police are investigating to see if alcohol was a factor in the crash.