AUSTIN (KXAN) — A group of Black Lives Matter supporters gathered Tuesday to remember Larry Jackson Jr. three years after his death. 

The group showed their support for Jackson in front of the Benchmark Bank on West 35th Street.

Jackson appeared at the scene of a bank robbery in Central Austin on July 26, 2013. He was attempting to get into the bank, but the doors were locked. A bank employee told former Austin Police Detective Charles Kleinert that Jackson was trying to get into the bank.

Running away, Kleinert chased after Jackson, shooting and killing him during a struggle. Jackson did not have a weapon on him.

Kleinert was indicted for manslaughter, but last October a judge threw out the charge. An appeal to a federal court is in the works.

“The conversation has changed because people protest. Absent those who protest we would not have the conversation we are having,” said Snehal Shengavi, an activist with the People’s Task Force.