AUSTIN (KXAN) — It’s night three for the ROT Rally in Austin and after the Waco biker shootout a few weeks back, some were uneasy about this weekend. But bikers we spoke to say they are just here to have some fun.

Whether they’re on the move or lined up in rows, motorcycles have taken over the Travis County Expo Center. Tens of thousands of bikers drive to Austin from all over the country, like Arizona and Kansas. That’s where two brothers-in-law came from, meeting up for the 20th annual Republic of Texas Rally, better known as the ROT Rally.

“Fellow bikers here, camaraderie, have a great time, we camp out for four days,” said Jerry Owens, who drove from Kansas.

“Oh sometimes you don’t get any sleep, but that’s just part of rallies,” said Jerry’s brother-in-law Stu Schlund, who drove from Arizona.

Such a large crowd makes some people worried that we could see another incident like the deadly biker shoot-out that happened in Waco.

“There’s a lot of motorcyclist that have given us some bad publicity, bikers are not bad people, bad people are bad people,” said Jerry.

These bikers say just because we see motorcycles we shouldn’t be afraid, they say they’re not here to cause trouble, they just want to ride.

“We don’t have any shootings or knifing here, we’re all just here to have a good time,” said William Byler, who drove from Oklahoma City.

A good time enjoying the music, vendors and of course the custom-chrome.

Bands are taking the stage throughout the weekend, Lynard Skynard goes on at 10pm tonight, and you can still get tickets to the rally up until the show.