Belton school tells third-grader hair style unacceptable


BELTON, Texas (KCEN) A Texas mother is recommending administrators at Belton Independent School District undergo diversity training, after they told her 9-year-old daughter her hair was unacceptable.

Marian Reed said an assistant principal at Tarver Elementary School pulled her third grade child out of physical education class and called home because her hair was not in compliance with the school dress code.

“She cried and said no one was going to want to be her friend because her hair was not as pretty as the assistant principal’s,” Reed said. “And, as a parent, that’s heartbreaking because that’s just what God naturally gave her.”

Like many young black girls, Marian said her daughter’s hair does not lie flat. So, she put her daughter’s hair in small pony tails – sometimes known as ‘afro puffs.’ No part of the hair was shaved or dyed. But, school officials claimed the pony tails resembled a fauxhawk – a hairstyle similar to a Mohawk. Both hairstyles are prohibited by the elementary school dress code.

Reed said she wished district leaders would have spoken solely with her about the dress code violation, instead of making her daughter feel her hair was wrong.Read more:

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