AUSTIN (KXAN) — Bees are causing quite the buzz across Central Texas.

“We probably get 50 to 100 calls a day,” said Keith Huddle, owner of Keith’s Bee Service.

March to June is peak swarming season in Texas. This happens when honeybee hives are overcrowded.

“They split and send off half of the hive to start new hives,” said Huddle.

Huddle said he’s found bees all over the place — in buildings, utility boxes and trees. Once they have a home to protect they can get very aggressive.

“Once they have been in there for a few months, and they have resources to defend, they will defend, and that is when they become a danger,” Huddle said.

Brian Alexander lives in Leander. He said bees have moved into a utility box outside his home and now it’s becoming a problem.

“Got stung, didn’t really think much about it at first then turned around and could see them swarming,” Alexander said.

Brian Alexander said he’s called everyone trying to get the bees removed, but so far there has been no luck.

“There are a lot of kids, elderly people in the neighborhood. So, yeah there is a big concern,” Alexander said.

Experts stress that running is your best option if you are attacked by a swarm.

Once you’ve removed yourself from the swarm, it’s critical to try and remove any stingers from your body as quickly as possible. When left in the skin, stingers can continue pumping venom.