AUSTIN (KXAN) — Many of us are working from home, and it’s not always ideal with many distractions, but one Central Texas bed and breakfast has a unique approach to working and living.

“This place is just very conducive to peace and quiet and getting things done,” said Lew Goldstein, Adina Austin Owner.

The Adina Austin, a boutique bed and breakfast located in downtown Austin, opened its doors just before the pandemic swept across the nation, shutting down businesses left and right.

Owner Ying McGuire says it has not been an easy time.

“When SXSW cancelled all of our reservations cancelled over night,” said McGuire. “We pretty much launched this hospitality business during the worst time in human history.”

To keep the business going, the owners had to find ways to grow and evolve.

“I know this is silly, but I always wanted to live in a hotel,” said Christa Freeland, an entrepreneur who helped found ‘The Founder House,” which is part of the Adina Austin. “I mentioned to Ying that she ought to open up her place as a short term living accommodation.”

Now Freeland, who helped start the concept, is living and working there.

“You kind of see a founder house concept in other cities, but there is nothing really like that here,” Freeland said.

Guests are able to live and work in the same space. When it comes to COVID-19 safety, guests are required to leave their shoes at the door, they must wear a mask while walking through the building and social distancing in the common areas is a must.

“Why not help some people while generating some revenue,” said McGuire.

Freeland runs ATX Kit, which groups together local products from small businesses around Austin and sells them online.

Founder House also is home to UCARE, a company devoted to making masks to protect people from COVID-19.