AUSTIN (KXAN) — According to a recent study, Austinites pay the most for household bills than anyone else in Texas.

The study, done by online payment company Doxo, said Austin residents pay an average of $2,300 per month on “the 10 most common household bills.” The study found the average Texan pays $1,888 per month on those bills.

What Texans pay for bills is almost at the national average of $1,889.

Doxo compared what average payments to the 10 most common household bills look like in Texas and nationally in the table below. Keep in mind, not everyone pays the same types of bills, and the total averages for the U.S., Texas and Austin area are accounting for the percentages of households in the area paying certain bill types.

Bill CategoryAverage Texas Monthly BillNational Average Monthly Bill
Auto Loan$462$411
Auto Insurance$150$185
Cable & Internet$115$115
Health Insurance$93$113
Mobile Phone$116$102
Alarm & Security$96$87
Life Insurance$74$88

In the Austin area, which also includes Round Rock and Georgetown for the study, it’s a different story. It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone mortgage and rent payments are higher in Austin than anywhere else in Texas on average, but there are a few average bills that are lower in Austin.

Bill CategoryAverage Texas Monthly BillAverage Austin Monthly Bill
Auto Loan$462$457
Auto Insurance$150$173
Cable & Internet$115$125
Health Insurance$93$160
Mobile Phone$116$96
Alarm & Security$96$108
Life Insurance$74$86

Doxo’s study said Austin’s average bills are 21.7% higher than the national average, and along with being the most expensive in Texas, the area ranks 43rd out of 914 areas nationally included in the study. Texans typically pay less for utilities than the national average, as well as out-of-pocket health and life insurance payments.

The bills paid by area residents make up 35.9% of the area’s average household income, the study said. In comparison, San Antonio area folks pay an average of $1,875 and the Killeen/Temple area pays $1,759.

Other large metropolitan areas like Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston are high in the study’s Texas list, but neither of them comes in at No. 2 behind Austin like one might expect. That honor belongs to Brenham, where residents pay more for car loans, $651 to $462, out-of-pocket health insurance, $435 to $93, cable and internet, $176 to $115, and cell phone bills, $282 to $116.

Here are the most expensive areas of Texas for household bills, according to the study:

(1-10 out of 70)
CityMonthly Bill Expenses Per Household*Percent of Household Income Used for BillsPercent +/- from National Average ($1,889)
1Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown area$2,30035.9%+21.7%
3Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington area$2,10335.4%+11.3%
4Houston, the Woodlands, Sugar Land area$2,08035.4%+10.1%
7College Station, Bryan area$1,89045.1%+0.0%
8San Antonio, New Braunfels area$1,87536.9%-0.7%

The least expensive place to pay bills in Texas, according to the study, is the Rio Grande Valley town of Zapata, where average bills are $1,249.