AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Water has a new water management system, nicknamed OSCAR and CLARA, designed to help extend Austin’s current water supply, according to a press release from Austin Water.

Additionally, the project will allow for sustainable water reuse in the city’s commercial buildings, the release said.

“Together, OSCAR and CLARA are aiming to help the City of Austin to save over one million gallons of drinking water each year, reducing the site’s potable water use by up to 75%,” Interim Director Goode said.

OSCAR, which stands for On-Site Collection and Reuse system, will be able to collect 40,000 gallons of rainwater and condensation from air conditioning units. The water will then be filtered and stored in outdoor tanks, for outdoor landscaping reuse.

The Closed-Loop Advanced Reclaim Assembly, or CLARA, is located beneath the pedestrian walkway from East Highland Mall Boulevard. The system will collect up to 5,000 gallons of wastewater a day from the building and recycle the water back to the toilets and urinals of the same building.

This project was developed by Austin Water and the City of Austin’s Developmental Services and Watershed Departments. According to the Assistant Director of Environmental, Planning and Development Services for Austin Water Kevin Critendon, OSCAR and CLARA are examples of on-site water reuse strategies identified in the Water Forward Plan, Austin’s integrated water resource plan.

A celebration will take place Wednesday, June 8 at the City of Austin Permitting and Development Center to celebrate the recent commissioning.