AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Resource Recovery said it had received about 4,000 more debris requests since Tuesday.

That means its 70 crews are working on answering more than 18,000 service orders.

“If they haven’t submitted a service order, it doesn’t worry, we won’t skip their house will we’re picking up everything on that street, whether service order was requested or not,” said Austin Resource Recovery Deputy Director Richard McHale.

Where are the majority of debris requests?

A lot more people west of Interstate 35 have been asking for help picking up their tree limbs, according to data provided by the city.

“So, majority of the service orders are in west Austin. So a lot of our resources are there, but there’s damage all over the city. So we have crews in east Austin, north Austin, south Austin,” McHale said.

What is Austin Public Works’ approach?

As of Wednesday, Austin Public Works said it has completed 1,260 debris removal requests.

“This week crews continue taking a grid system approach to methodically confirm that debris has been cleared from public rights-of-way across the city. Teams are assigned to specific sectors of the city to clear obstructions and confirm when their assigned area has been cleared for mobility access.”

Austin Public Works

Priorities in the grid system:

  1. Routes for emergency responder access
  2. Higher traffic, arterial streets
  3. Local neighborhood streets

The department said so far, it’s assessed approximately 70% of the grid system map.