AUSTIN (KXAN) — I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Knowledge is power.” A group of musicians and students in Austin want your kids to think of knowledge as money.

“More math, more money, more chips. Don’t fall through the crack, get a grip. Step up your game, got to make a change, add it all up and the paper’s going to flip, come on,” stated the lyrics in a music video titled “Mo’Math, Mo’ Money” posted Tuesday.

The video highlights Austin-area students and musicians as they spread a message encouraging students to enroll in advanced math classes as part of a Math Matters Campaign. They want this message to spread throughout the county.

“What we want young people to get from this is to recognize that math matters, just like the name of the campaign. The fact is, mo’ math … mo’ money — it’s really that simple,” said Austin hip-hop artists SaulPaul.

The group says four out of every five students who don’t take advanced math in high school never make it to college.

“The only math problem you going to have is if you don’t take it,” is a line in the song.

SaulPaul says getting kids involved in the conversation is the only way to reach out to other teens and middle school kids and get them to enroll in advanced math classes.

“It’s not just that math matters, it’s that math is everything,” SaulPaul said. “Math is everywhere. It’s not just a class, it’s not just a subject, math is like life.”