Austin police Sgt. temporarily suspended after not reporting subordinate’s violation

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — A sergeant with the Austin Police Department has been suspended for 10-days after failing to report one of his officers having a relationship with a woman whose case he was investigating.

According to a memo, Sergeant Christopher Keen learned of a relationship between officer Jordan Wagstaff and the victim of a case he was investigating. The memo states that Keen violated department rules by not reporting the relationship to his superiors.

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In June, officer Wagstaff was indefinitely suspended after he violated multiple APD policies and the code of conduct by establishing a relationship with a stalking victim while her case was being investigated.

On March 3, Wagstaff notified his corporal of the relationship, who in turn suggested that Keen pass the information along to his lieutenant and internal affairs. According to the memo, Keen failed to report the information to proper channels.

Keen’s supervisors finally become aware of the relationship on March 7, prompting an investigation into Wagstaff. A separate case into Keen was also initiated at this time.

“At that time I had no idea that it was even a policy violation but I should have known, I mean, it’s my job, my responsibility,” said Keen during his Internal Affairs interview. “I’m responsible to know and I didn’t know. So, if I would do it differently it would definitely be going straight to the lieutenant and saying, ‘Here’s what we got, sir, how do we need to handle this?'”

Keen will remain suspended until August 2. The memo states his suspension may be used as grounds to bypass him for promotion.

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