AUSTIN (KXAN) — Homeless advocacy groups continue their work getting people off the streets and into permanent housing.

One of those groups — Ending Community Homelessness Coalition — just hit a huge milestone in getting 108 formerly homeless individuals into permanent housing since Aug. 18.

“This is the hardest market we have had to maneuver,” said Kaylin Rubin with ECHO. “So, the goal is to house as many families as possible and individuals and move them into housing. Although that is particularly challenging at this moment due to the housing market.”

Regardless of the challenges, ECHO is still getting it done and it hopes to continue placing currently houseless individuals into housing.

Part of the reason they have been so successful during these tough times is the partnership with 12 Rivers Property Management. The company has identified landlords that are open to the idea of housing the folks that need help, and so far they have opened 17 households to people who need it.

“Whether you are someone who is going through a hard time or you are someone who can lend a handout, I think it is really important for people in the community to remember that we have all struggled, and it is kind of up to us to figure out ways to help each other as neighbors,” said Crystal Barone, managing partner with 12 Rivers Property Management.

The number of people being housed in each individual household varies from property to property.