AUSTIN (KXAN)—You may have seen flyers, with pictures of missing or kidnapped Israelis around the Austin area.

They’re going up all over the world, since the war overseas began. It’s a campaign started by a couple, who are both artists Nitzan Mintz and Dede Bandaid.

They currently live in New York but are from Israel.

“We didn’t know what to do, we felt so helpless,” Bandaid said. “And we wanted to do something to support the country and make people aware of what’s going on.”

Their movement has picked up traction fast, in less than two weeks.

In Central Texas now, a group of mainly Israeli women who live in Austin have been putting flyers up for days.

“Cedar Park, Round Rock, Domain Pflugerville, Mueller area, Bee Cave,” Ariella said.

Ariella and Idiet felt joining this movement is the least they could do. They, too, feeling helpless in a sense.

“The longer we wait, the less the chances are surviving,” Ariella said. “So we have to act fast.”

Some of the flyers feature people the women know personally.

“This girl I went to school with,” Ariella said looking down sorrowfully at a flyer in her hand. “This is her grandmother that’s missing.”

Ariella held a stack full of flyers, recognizing a handful of the faces personally.

“This here is my first cousin’s best friends,” she said.

Ariella did have to remove some flyers from her stack, because some of the people are no longer alive.

The campaign called, “Bring them home now,” keeps growing. Anyone can go to the website Mintz and Bandaid set up to print out flyers to hang.

“Just worried sick about them,” Bandaid said.

Minz said their team of four has verified names and photos of around 100 missing people with families directly, updating their website every two hours, where people download missing photos.

“We are approached personally, by the family members,” Mintz said. “We are their messengers…it’s so close to us. It’s our inner circles.”

Being part of this movement is personal for so many.

“All of us here know someone,” Idiet said.