AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin Energy is reporting nearly all of its customers have power. As of Thursday evening, their outage map reported 99.91% have electrcity.

Still, there are a few hundred left in the dark. They said some of them have electrical repairs preventing them from turning their power on.

Araceli Hernandez is one of them.

“It’s been hectic…crazy. We’ve been without power for over a week now,” Hernandez said. “The rest needed to be handled by us hiring an electrician. Hiring somebody to come out to our house to do an inspection.”

Austin Energy Spokesperson Matt Mitchell said it’s happened to approximately 200 customers.

“These Austin Energy customers are the last ones to be restored after the winter storm,” Mitchell said. “These are likely the result of storm damage to a home’s electrical systems.”

He said the energy provider has sped up the process to get energy back to those customers, once an electrician fixes the issue.

“We expedite that process by putting the permit process after the repair has been made. Usually, the permitting process plays out before we’re able to restore power,” Mitchell said. “Now we’re putting the permit process afterward. So we can get most of our customers back online as quickly as possible.”

Hernandez said they weren’t told what the issue was with their equipment, but only to find an electrician. She said with it being day 10 of no power, they’re concerned about how much longer they’ll stay without it.

“Not only the money, the time… it’s, it’s stressful,” Hernandez said.

The City of Austin made moves to make it a little easier for some people to get repairs. The council exempted some permit requirements, extended some permit application deadlines and waived registration requirements for electricians licensed to work in Texas.