AUSTIN (KXAN) — Overcrowding continues at the Austin Animal Center as some dogs are sharing kennel space, the agency said.

With more than 300 dogs that need to be adopted the shelter is over capacity, AAC said.

Stephanie McCutcheon, who works for the shelter, said they are working with almost no space. One room, which is used as an overflow area, was filled with kennels.

A volunteer with the AAC spends time with Buckeye
A volunteer with the AAC spends time with Buckeye

“We could come in tomorrow and this room could be filled with 18 dogs,” said McCutcheon.

McCutcheon said they have seen some dogs being adopted recently, but they need more help, especially for medium to large size dogs.

Why are so many dogs ending up at the shelter?

“That could be due to housing in Austin and breed restrictions, weight restrictions that landlords place, “said McCutcheon. “We are seeing people have to give up their animals because of inflation type things. Cost of living is very expensive.”

“The dogs should all have a chance,” said Bridge Point Elementary 4th grader Henry.

Henry is one of the many students at the elementary who wrote persuasive letters about dogs at the shelter.

“I have never seen my students so engaged,” said Bridge Point Elementary Teacher Emily Holden, who assigned her students to write about the shelter dogs.

Holden had students pick a dog and write about why someone should adopt the dog.

“If you get buddy he will not do you wrong as a napping partner,” said 4th grader Elizabeth.

Students will be dropping their letters off at the shelter this weekend.