AUSTIN (KXAN) —”Mask rash” and other complications from wearing a mask are on the rise, but dermatologists say there are steps you can take to avoid these issues.

Dr. Renee Snyder, a dermatologist with Snyder Dermatology, says she has been busy lately.​

“Each physician here see about 3 to 4 patients a day,” said Snyder. ​

It’s all because of “mask rash,” and other irritations that have come up from wearing a mask.​

“We are seeing a higher increase in, the allergies, the rashes, the dermatitis, the chaffing all those things can wreak havoc,” said Snyder.

What causes this to happen? There are a number of causes, Snyder says.

“If you have a mask on for a long time you have all this moisture that collects so not only can you get perioral dermatitis, but you can get an irritant reaction from mucus or saliva that happen throughout the day,” says Snyder.

Most of us can take our mask off while working from home, but there are many people who still must go into work. The good news is there are ways to prevent the complications.​

“We are suggesting barrier cream so some people can put a band aid on the bridge of their nose,” said Snyder. “Just starting a skin care routine washing your face before and after.”​

Also, avoid makeup if possible while wearing your mask, and occasionally remove your mask when it’s safe to do so, but don’t ditch it.

“It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear a mask,” said Snyder. “I think everyone should try to find a fabric or something that they can live with.”​

Make sure to wash your cloth mask on a regular basis and keep your skin clean.

If symptoms worsen, or you don’t know the cause, reach out to your doctor who can help.