AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin police cited a driver Friday after he was clocked driving 52 miles per hour over the speed limit on Mopac during the Friday evening commute with a pregnant passenger in the car.

According to court records, Etman Samghezli was driving 117 mph at the 5500 block of South Mopac, where the speed limit is 65. Officers clocked Samghezli speeding at 5:22 p.m. Friday, during the rush hour.

Austin Police Officers said Saghezli’s Hyundai Sonata was involved in a crash near W. Slaughter Lane and Mopac earlier but left the scene. When officers saw the Hyundai again, it was racing through on the expressway.

When officers stopped the car, they found a woman who was five months pregnant riding in the passenger’s seat.

Saghezli has been charged with reckless driving, a Class B Misdemeanor.