BUCHANAN DAM, Texas (KXAN) —The Hill Country Humane Society has taken in nearly 70 dogs this week after back-to-back seizures from animal hoarding cases. The influx of animals has caused staff to rush to find fosters and homes for adoptable animals.

Paighton Corley, executive director of HCHS, said 19 animals were seized from a home in Granite Shoals Monday. Nearly 50 more were seized from a Bertram home days later Wednesday.

Corley said this sudden intake of animals has presented spatial challenges for the humane society as it now has twice as many dogs as it does kennels.

“All of our kennels are full and doubled up and we have other kennels spread across the entire shelter,” Corley said.

In an effort to find homes and free up kennel space, HCHS is hosting a free adoption event 11am-2pm Saturday at the Petco, located at 5001 183A Building M, Suite 100, in Cedar Park.

Staff have even moved stand-alone kennels into office spaces for individual dogs as space becomes more tight. Corley said the priority now is to free up space so that no dogs will have to be euthanized.

HCHS is a no-kill shelter but Corley said if more room isn’t made this weekend, the humane society may have to terminate some animals not currently suited for adoption.

“We have to get other dogs out so we can spend our resources and our time focusing on these guys and giving them what they need,” Corley said.

Teresa Hudler, operations manager and head medical staff at HCHS, said many of the dogs rescued this week are at veterinary offices for care.

She said once more space is available and those dogs return to the humane society, she can resume the work needed to socialize the animals.

“I’m slowly starting to get my hands on those and socialize them so I can do a full workup. The socialization is what’s going to move it forward,” Hudler said.