AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Independent School District’s board saw the debate over sex-ed curriculum continue at their meeting Monday.

The district is currently working to update the existing curriculum. Lessons on gender identity, contraception and other issues have led to some tense public discussions.

Carol Ayala with Concerned Parents of Texas spoke with KXAN about her opposition to the changes to the district’s sex-ed curriculum.

“It is important for the children because they should know when we send them to school, that parents are actually sending them to read, write, and to do math,” said Ayala. “To educate them academically. That’s exactly what I was hired to do. Was to teach them. Not to moralize them or demoralize them, as in this case.”

Others voiced their opinions directly to board members.

“This is why we need inclusive sex-ed in schools. So kids don’t grow up to think it’s acceptable to call someone disgusting because of their gender identity,” said a concerned speaker at the AISD Board meeting. “And so LGBTQ kids know that AISD will do everything possible to make sure they are safe and that they do not become a statistic.”

AISD’s goal has been to get official plans for the updated curriculum approved by October.