AUSTIN (KXAN) — Crews at Austin Bergstrom International Airport are prepared to de-ice the runways as conditions worsen overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.

Airport staff had to shut down exit ramps in the Blue Garage on levels 3-6 Tuesday afternoon because of ice.

“We expect to see more as airline operations continue to be affected by weather at other airports, causing trickle down disruptions that lead to canceled and delayed flights in and out of AUS,” Haynes said in an email statement Tuesday.

While crews kept an eye on what issues this week’s ice will have on the air – other staff worked to keep people safe walking from their cars to the gates and vice versa.

“Making sure the public is safe getting to our terminal, safe when they get on a plane to leave, as well as being safe when they come into our airport,” said Field Maintenance Division Manager Chris Carter.

Carter said his team will continue to treat walkways and ramps. The airport also has staff on hand to help travelers jumpstart their cars if their batteries have died.

For complimentary tire inflations or jump starts – or to help find your car in the parking lot, you can call the airport’s 24/7 customer service attendants at (512) 530-3300.