AUSTIN (KXAN) — A boy living at the Helping Hand Home for Children recently had his bike stolen after someone jumped the fence during the day and then rode off with it.

“We came by and met with the kids and reassured them that everything is going to be ok, we know the bike was stolen, but we are going to be out here and patrol all night and you are going to be safe,” said APD detective Wut Tantaksinanukij.

The Helping Hand Home provides a safe haven for children healing from physical, emotional and sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment.

The boy was an avid bike rider and very attached to the stolen bike. The Austin Police Department responded, but the bike and suspect were not found at the time.

Following the theft, a few APD officers as well as retired officers got together and pulled their money to buy the boy a new bike.

“I texted my friends and within 30 seconds they were sending me money to my account to pay for the bike, and within 30 seconds the bike was paid for,” Tantaksinanukij said. “This just reaffirms that these officers who are out working the streets and the ones that are retired they still truly care about this community.”

On Friday, officers arrived at the home with a brand new, shiny red bike.

“I just want to thank all of them, especially since they all contributed because they didn’t have to do this, they wanted to,” said the boy.

The boy says he is very proud of his new bike and he was happy they picked his favorite color, red.