AUSTIN (KXAN) — From registering for classes to picking a degree program, starting college can be stressful for anyone. Recruiting and Advising Specialist Thomas Clark joined KXAN News on The CW Austin to talk about how Austin Community College is trying to help out with its ACC 1-on-1 program.

About this hotline program

It gives people in the community a chance to chat with an advisor and answer their questions about starting or returning to college. ACC 1-on-1 is designed to help more people enroll in college and continue on a successful path. ACC officials want to make sure the community knows they’re there to help with that process, pointing out that “we all benefit from an educated community. Together we can help increase the number of college graduates in the region.”

Who benefits from this one-on-one opportunity

ACC officials are there to help all students, whether they’re already enrolled or just now starting to explore college options. This year, they’re also partnering with several local high schools to go on campus and meet with those seniors to answer their questions.

Some of the questions they’re seeing

At this time of year, there is a big mix. Students are beginning to plan their summer and fall semesters. Some already know where they want to go and what their next steps are, but others are just now starting to think about those options. They want to know where to begin and how to start.

The idea behind ACC 1-on-1 is to help those people save time and get answers to the questions they have immediately. Most of the time, those questions can be answered through a simple call or email. The key is to be readily available.

The hotline is open through April 30. The number you can call is 512-223-7747 or visit