AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Live Music Capital of the World is hearing crickets. And seeing them too. Many of them.

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KXAN visited ABC Home & Commercial Services out on US-290 Wednesday morning to learn more about why residents are seeing so many crickets throughout the city.

ABC Operations Manager, Brian Kelly offered enlightenment as to why we’re seeing so many near our homes and businesses and why we should get rid of them.

“This is cricket season,” Kelly said. “We see it every year in Austin.”

Crickets love light. Lit businesses and homes are basically a big neon sign saying “Crickets are welcome.”

“The big attraction to buildings and structures are the lights at night,” Kelly said.

Kelly said it’s best if homeowners shut off their lights to prevent them.

“They can be disruptive,” Kelly said. “It’s important to clean them up when you get them.”

Alive or dead, crickets can attract predators like fire ants and birds. If left alone, your home or business may attract an infestation of other insects.

Kelly said to reduce clutter around your building so crickets do not have places to hide, which will make getting rid of them easier.