SAN ANTONIO (KXAN) — Kids playing outside an apartment complex found a crying newborn, with it’s umbilical cord still attached in San Antonio on Thursday.

The children took the baby to their mother. She cleaned the new newborn off and immediately called police.

“That’s really sad that a person could be that heartless and just throw a child on the side of the road. But, it was really sweet for children to walk by and to let somebody know a child is in the ditch so that does show you there are some kind-hearted people out here,” said neighbor April Draper.

The baby is reportedly doing fine. Police are searching for the infant’s mother.

In Texas, under the Safe Haven law you can legally abandon a child at a hospital, medical facility, fire station, or emergency medical service station, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. It is required that the baby is left with an employee.