AUSTIN (KXAN)— “The fact that street racing is illegal, it puts a thrill to it,” a former street racer said.

According to this street racer— who said he was not involved in the chaotic street takeover, over the weekend—car meet ups and racing used to be rebellious fun.

“Technically it’s breaking a law, so that makes it fun for most people,” he said.

But the one from February 18 quickly turned chaotic. Court documents said several bystanders were caught on fire, cars charged police vehicles, popped fireworks all while doing donut holes in intersections.

Austin intersections were taken over.

“Yeah, it’s just a different level,” a street racer said. “It’s mainly been a new wave lately…I wouldn’t want to partake in anything like that, personally.”

New court records show the Austin Police Department found Brian Javier Serrano Benitez at a gas station near downtown Sunday. Officers arrested him after tracking his car.

Many of the racers came in from out of town, according to court documents.

One woman from Houston reached out after our reporting, saying she recognized one of the vehicles. She said that racer, is known for organizing these meet ups in Houston with big crowds.

“Hundreds,” she said. Sometimes you see girls hanging out the windows, you know, on top of the cars… basically, they all get out of control. Houston PD, they get a hold of it.”

Another out-of-towner, Jerry Antonio Gore, from Dallas sped off when a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper initially tried to arrest him, according to court documents. Officers said Gore drove faster than 140 miles per hour.

When DPS arrested him, it found a stolen short barrel rifle on him, according to court documents.

“They need to get a hold of who’s who’s organizing it,” the woman from Houston said. “It’s unacceptable.”

In Fort Worth, city officials there have an ordinance that outlaws watching street racing—a direct step taken to contain chaos.